Brass Monkeys Challenge 2022-23

Monday 10th October 2022 - Sunday 30th April 2023

A future version of this event is now available here Brass Monkeys Challenge 2023-24 on Thu 12 Oct 2023
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Brass Monkeys is a series of challenges designed to keep you motivated and excited about swimming in cold water. 

Entry into the 2022/23 Brass Monkeys Challenge
A Printed A4 Progress Chart
A Sheet of Monkey Progress Stickers
A Woven Brass Monkey Badge (and option to purchase more)
Membership of the private Brass Monkeys Facebook group
Advice and guidance from Outdoor Swimmer Magazine
Option to purchase Brass Monkeys silicone swimming hats

Based on water temperature and distance, we have created 5 Brass Monkeys Challenge levels for you to achieve: 


The challenges can be personalised to your individual experience and mood. It is up to you whether you wear a wetsuit, boots, gloves.  You can start the challenges in skins, and change as the winter progresses. You could complete a level in a wetsuit, and then decide to do it again without. You can be a head-in-the-water hats and goggles type person, or a heads-up with a bobble hat breaststroker. 

You can swim in any unheated water - the sea, the river, lakes or lidos. The only stipulation is that the water temperature must be under 14°C.

There are several ways to complete each challenge, so for example to be GRITTY you can swim 1000m under 14°C, 500m under 11°C, 200m under 8°C or 100m under 6°C. The distance must be covered in a single session. Where you start depends on your cold water swimming experience and what you think you are capable of. A swim in a wetsuit at 12 degrees could be as much of a challenge to a new swimmer as the same swim without a wetsuit for a seasoned open water swimmer, and we wanted to recognise this.

So no strict rules, pick your personal challenges and go for them!

You can choose to complete every swim combination to achieve your badge and therefore make your challenge last all winter, or you can just do one.

You can choose to complete any number of levels - you may decide to just target one, or to work your way through all 5. That's up to you. There are options on the entry to receive anything from 1 to 5 badges.

Please be aware that cold water swimming can be a dangerous activity. Do not put yourself in danger or stay in the water longer than you feel comfortable in order to achieve a new challenge level. Please read the following Safety Advice, when you register we will ask you to confirm that you have read all the safety details and advice that we give you.

You have until the water gets above 14 degrees wherever you are to complete your challenges.

We are really excited to see and hear about all your adventures over the winter, so register now and start the quest to find your inner monkey.

The Henley Swim Team

A flat rate for post and packing will be added to each order: UK £2.95 / Europe £4.95 / ROW £6.95


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Please note, no refunds are available for this virtual event. If after entry you subsequently decide not to take part, we will not refund your entry costs. 

Mon 10 Oct 2022
Sun 30 Apr 2023
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